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Hynon Ltd also specializes in introducing companies to the supplier, and participants list of overseas organizations, whether private, public, or governmental, which are about to issue international tenders or ask directly for price quotations. Our aim is to introduce our customer’s products, after carefully checking all pre-tender information within the tender's requirements and standing up to the technical specification that is about to be published in the tender, thus creating a relative advantage for our customer participating in any tender, both local and international.


We give you an opportunity to participate and win tenders after our experts conducted a focused search for international tenders and projects, that are suitable for the customer’s products ad with the best chances of success. Over the years, we have accumulated an internal and external databank, containing vital business information, which we were able to compile through our extensive global business connections and experience.


We succeeded in developing a unique working model, that has been tested out most satisfyingly in various situations, and under varying conditions, and demonstrated its efficiency and success again and again. Combining all these factors and parameters into one successful body is the most important asset of our company, which is verified by the countless manifests of success stories amongst our customers.


we accompany the customer through all the stages, starting with the first meeting when the client provides us with his/her ideas and requests,  regarding the markets that he wishes to penetrate, along with defining the requested projects, conducting negotiations, signing the contract and subsequently, if requested, following the deal through to its successful conclusion. Our close familiarity with the international requirements of overseas markets, combined with our experience with complex and varied tenders, makes it possible to enrich our clients with all our advantages


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